Monday, November 3, 2008

What does the future hold?

After reflecting this past week on the Phoenix piece by Dr. Faverty and looking at our group wiki, I believe the real wrok is about to begin. To be able to create a new and exciting learning process is down right scary. I think that PDA's or a watch that acts as a PDA could revolutionaize instruction. It would have all the capability of a phone, the Internet, emailing, text messaging, a GPS system and access to many of the large depositories of knowledge.

In classrooms teachers could check for understanding, guide student learning, develop an ongoing project and see where the students are in their own personal learning. Students could access information at the touch of their PDA. All communication would be digital and immediately available to other learning groups electronically. To see students truly engaged and connected to the real world would be the best outcome anyone could hope for in the 21st century.

As a result of the class readings I need to pursue some of the other websites mentioned in the articles we read. So much to do so little time! This theme is getting very redundant.

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