Monday, October 20, 2008

Technology and Society

I reviewed the Horizon Reports for call on Oct. 6, 2008 and was overwhelmed by the wealth of resources contained in those reports. The reports had a great chronology over the past four years as to how technology is rapidly developing and growing in use. In trying to relate this to the final project for this course, i can see that there is not limit on how to design a plan for schools in 2025. As a mater of fact, the resources talk about the evolutionary development of technology in all aspects of our lives.

Communication will become instantenous and will not rely on printed material but on electronic or digital material. While we will be saving trees - we will have to rely on an "electronic memory" for anything comminicated in this amnner. The class discussion about intentionality was very helpful to me because sometimes what you say and how you say it does not strike a positive note with the audience you are addressing. I believe that you have to check for understanding and be sensitive to the listen's feelings. You may want to ask, "How did you come across?"

That being said the opportunity to design a learning plan using technology in 2025 is wide open. The possibilities are limitless to be creative, but I had not had enoufg "soak time" to begin to formulate a plan. I am sure I will get the hang of being creative before too long.

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